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Working with Molly and the team at The Factory Buffalo has been such a wonderful experience. They are all so professional and organized - something that is truly hard to come by in the fashion manufacturing industry! I’ve worked with many other small-lot production facilities and I feel the most confident now that I’m working with Molly. That “organized chaos” thing is NOT a thing at The Factory Buffalo! Working with other facilities, I’ve had fabric misplaced, patterns and tech packs lost, damaged samples... you name it. Molly is thorough and precise, which makes me comfortable with my investment in their company.
Outsourcing has been a struggle for me as a small business owner. I’m used to wearing all of the hats and get very worried about not having control over all of the aspects of my brand. Especially when I’m paying for it! I’m so pleased with the sampling process so far, and their meticulous attention to detail and organization. It feels incredible to know that I can truly rely on The Factory Buffalo to execute my designs in the exact way I would if I had done it myself. You just can’t find this kind of professionalism elsewhere!
— Ali Eagan, Made By Anatomy

To have a resource like The Factory in Western New York is phenomenal. After several years of trying to oversee the manufacturing of Coolture garments, it took only one week to realize the full impact of what The Factory provides. Their management, our deadlines, materials’ sourcing, and pattern revisions has eliminated stress and added hours of opportunity to manage other areas of my business. Molly is talented in garment design and construction, but she also brings her highly professional organizational and management skills to the table. I cannot say enough about this company or its founder
— Luanne DiBernardo, Coolture