The Factory Buffalo
Cut and Sew Manufacturing and Product Development in Buffalo, NY


We make ideas happen.

Services Offered.

1. Design/Tech Pack


All ideas have to start somewhere. You can bring us as much or as little as you have, from a sketch to a first sample. This is the first step in the process needed in order to turn your an idea or sample into a product for full scale manufacturing. This phase includes creating a flat vector drawing that include technical specifications. We also develop a set of measurements and create guidelines for finishes that define and standardize every specifications of how your product is to be made so that you will get the exact product you want no matter if you order 50 or 50,000.


4.Fit Edits/Second samples


Depending on your product you may want to hire a fit model to be sure that your first sample is an accurate representation of how you would like your garment to fit your sample size. Once you have made your final sample edits, we will update your patterns and tech packs. We can also create an updated sample for you, this decision is made by you and will likely depend on how extensive your edits are and if you will be showing this sample to potential customers.




We can do as much or as little as you’d like to help you find and manage your perfect fabrics and trims for your project. We have a vast catalogue of suppliers, both domestic and international, that can provide you with exactly what you need. Our services include a Bill of Materials that will give you an organized resource to refer back to of all of your fabric, content and suppliers as well as a running inventory of Raw Materials during your production in order to track how your actual yields compare to your projected yields. This is a practice that we enjoy ethically as well because it decreases production waste.

2.PATTERN Making


The most important part of the design process, this is where the magic happens. The information from you design specs and tech pack, turn into a pattern before it is turned into a prototype. Alongside your pattern we will provide a “muslin toile” and you will be able to make your first round of design edits in this phase.




When you are happy with your product and have no more edits to make, we will create a digital copy of your pattern. We then grade this digital pattern in order to create sizes for your product. You can supply us with your size guidelines or we can develop them for you. Marking is the process of taking all of these pattern pieces and laying them out to optimize them for cutting. Here we can give you your yield estimates so you know how much fabric to order per piece.


8.cut + sew manufacturing


The Factory Buffalo is located within our volume cut and sew manufacturing partner’s facility. QSG Technologies ( has been providing cut and sew services to fashion, sportswear, military, medical and uniform companies since 2010. We will fully manage and oversee your cut and sew manufacturing from start to finish including our standardized continuous process of quality control and a finished product inventory list by box. We pride ourselves on our meticulous oversight throughout the entire process so that you can rest assured that you will get the highest quality product.

3.Prototype/first sample


Your first sample or prototype will be cut with either your production fabric or sample fabric similar to what your final product will be cut in. It will contain all of the correct design features and finishes. This is the step in which you will do fit edits. We can also provide you with an estimated production pricing based on quantities after this step.


6.size run samples


Depending on your product this can be an imperative part of making sure that your customers are getting the best product possible. We recommend cutting one full size run previous to running your production to test fit again in all of your available sizes.


9.Bag + tag


When making a decision as to how you want your final product, you will want to consider if your product is going direct to consumer or to a retail setting and if so what your wholesaler’s requests are. You will provide us with whatever packaging supplies you decide to use and we will package them according to your standards. If the standards are very specific we can develop a standardized guide for your packaging.

Additional Services Offered

Business Consulting 

Materials Sourcing Management - BOM - Bill of Materials

Costing Sheets - COGS Used to Determine MSRP